Emotion embodiment (EEG, SC, facial EMG)
Emotion ownership (EEG, SC, facial EMG)
Faces versus scenes: different emotion eliciters (EEG, SC, facial EMG)
Non-conscious emotion and consumer neuroscience (EEG, startle responses, SC, IAT)
Emotion: self report versus objective measures (EEG, SC, facial EMG).

Startle Reflex Modulation while walking through virtual urban environments.

The mechanisms of attentional and perceptual processing of visual stimuli (EEG).

How does hunger versus satiety affect cognition and emotion?

Priming of solid and dashed words (EEG and behavior)

Multiple aspects of emotion (Startle reflex modulation and self report)

Self awareness via possessive pronouns (fMRI and behavior)

Schizophrenia patient study (EEG and behavior)

A right ear advantage for processing time cues in sound
Brain responses to sound in younger and older adults: age-related effects on repetition positivity
Functional and structural imaging of auditory information processing deficits in recent-onset and chronic Schizophrenia
Abnormal auditory system function in schizophrenia: an ERP and MEG study of its origin, course and generality
Functional Neuroanatomy of stop-signal inhibition deficits in schezophrenia
A psychoacoustic and fMRI investigation of auditory temporal processing in schizophrenia
A functional MRI study of upper limb therapy in acute stroke
Structural and functional organisation of cognitive control processes
The spatial and temporal dynamics of cognitive control: an ERP and fMRI investigation of task switching in healthy controls and people with schizophrenia.
Cognitive control decline in the ageing population: Relationship between behavioural and electrophysiological measures of cognitive control and daily living skills.
Developmental trajectories of cognitive control.
Components of cognitive control: Integrating behavioural and electrophysiological measures.